Getting Around Rarotonga

From the time you step off the plane we can organise your transport for you

We do recommend that you arrange your airport pick-up in advance and not rely on trying to do it when you arrive. Pricing for the transfers are much the same so there's generally no need to shop around for the best deal. Just let us know at the time of booking and we will arrange this for you.

You will either be picked up by the accommodator or one of the airport shuttle services depending on what service the accommodator uses and the time of day that you arrive. We will advise you on who will be there to meet you and where. Rarotonga airport is small and easy to navigate your way around. We can also arrange to have your car at the airport for when you arrive, your temporary drivers license, directions and you are ready to go.

They are either semi-automatic or automatic. For the novice we would recommend the latter. Most scooters comfortably seat two people. Motorbikes for the more experienced rider are also available. We do recommend that you wear a helmet (a helmet is legally required when travelling over 40kph) and if you are not confident on a scooter we suggest you consider a more appropriate choice of transport.

Cars vary in size from a small 'shopping basket' style to vans and wagons to accommodate families and larger groups.

Bicycles are easy to hire in Rarotonga and a wonderful way to get around especially as the terrain is mostly flat with spectacular sea views a lot of the way. This is an ideal mode of transport if you are meandering slowly to take in the scenery or feel the need for regular exercise. After all who is in a hurry here?

Taxi's there are a number of reliable taxi services now available for hire in Rarotonga.

Cook’s Island Bus offers an excellent circuit service which runs both clockwise and anti-clockwise 5 days a week originating from and ending at Cook’s corner in Avarua. There is a limited service at weekends, particularly on Sundays when there is no anti-clockwise bus.

All Day Bus About passes with the ability to hop-on-hop-off, a great and economical way to explore the island and all it has to offer. 

You may well decide you want to explore one of the other beautiful islands in the group

Air Rarotonga is the domestic airline of the Cook Islands and flies to 7 of the 15 islands - Aitutaki, Atiu, Mangaia, Mauke, Mitiaro, Manihiki and Penrhyn.

Aitutaki 225 km from Rarotonga...A regular daily service


Direct flights from Raro


Direct flights from Raro


Direct flights from Raro


Direct flights from Raro

Direct flight from Raro


Direct flight from Raro (request only)

You can visit for online availability and bookings or ask us, we can check availability, quote and book on your behalf

Driving in the Cook Islands is on the left hand side of the road with the average speed being 40kph. Please reduce your speed through villages, schools and the main township where the speed limit is 20kph.

To drive a car or motor scooter in the Cook Islands, it is a legal requirement to have a Cook Islands drivers licence from the Police Department located in Avarua (the main township).

For a car licence, you will need to produce your current drivers licence and passport and in return you will be issued with a Cook Island driver's license which is valid for 12 months minimum.

For a scooter or motorbike licence, you will need to produce your current drivers licence and passport. You will also be required to pass a short practical test and in return will be issued with a Cook Island driver's license valid for 12 months.

To ride a scooter or motorbike in the Cook Islands you MUST be 16 years and over.

We also recommend that you wear a helmet when riding a scooter. You must wear a helmet if travelling over 40kms per hour.

For those of you who have been here before and know your way around there is the option of having a car at the airport for when you arrive...