Fishing Rarotonga

Fishing...Fishing Charters

Fishing RarotongaMany a fishing boat in Raro now...take a walk down to the main harbour at Avarua and there they are, all their signs displayed. Basically all offering a variation on the theme with similar pricing for half day, full day and private charters

Akura Fishing Charters

Marlin Queen

Raro Sport Fishing Tours

Reel Time

Seafari Fishing Charters


Fishing...The Rarotonga Game Fishing Club

Everyone is welcome, open Monday-Saturday, well priced drinks, pool table, local ambience, culture and a few stories


Fishing...Local Fishing Competitiions

If fishing is your thing, Fishing competitions are held fairly regularly, check out the local daily newspaper - The Cook Island News or ask a local fisherman. Weigh-in is at The Rarotonga Game Fishing Club.


Fishing...Fish n Chips

From the ocean to your table (by the ocean) Check out The Flying Boat takeaways located at The Rarotonga Game Fishing Club...they are good and they are popular so be prepared to queue with the locals


Fishing...Fresh Fish

Not far from the harbour is Ocean Fresh, they usually advertise on the radio when the boats are in, if they are closed the boats are out. You can try your luck at the wharfn or ask me I have a couple of connections for fresh fish.