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RARO AND AIR NZ ON SALE - AKLD-RARO FROM NZ$195.00 seat & bag starts pretty much NOW...
If you can "pack & go" then check online at www.airnz.co.nz and then check out www.experiencerarotonga.co.nz Experience Rarotonga has some great prices for last minute accommodation in Feb/March... If you don't have the luxury of travelling now, then don't despair these great prices are right through until end of June and start again in August 2014 (unfortunately school hols and July not included)
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Perfect escape for 2! Aiai Manea, Beaut Beachfront accommodation
Do you feel like a quick escape during the silly season...we can help 11-31 December 2013 is still available. This light, fresh, and well set-up beachfront apartment...grab a drink, grab a lounger and watch the sun go down - private and great value...Read below for more OR checkout out the accommodation page and type in Aiai Manea - Experience Rarotonga will make it NZ$125.00 per night and throw in a cocktail each for 2! at the Sunset Resort - NOW THAT'S A BARGAIN.
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